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How to configure the full version of Outlook and then use it to sign out computer labs at BAHS

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ePrint (aka Print Shop)

Save yourself the head ache of jammed copiers and lines of teachers. Use the print shop its an amazing asset!


People are spending a lot of time making low-quality copies with inferior technoogy.

Please consider the following:

  • County-based assessments can be sent at the beginning of the class for the whole year.
  • Drill sheets and other generic documents that don’t get edited or expire can be ordered by the thousands
  • The county print shop can be as fast as a few days but more than likely will take 1 to 2 weeks during the school year.
    • Admiditly, the beginning and end of the year must be a nightmare for the ePrint people
  • If you have an activity that you perfected you can order them a year in advance!


In this video Mike Burke shows you how to upload files, select options, and order your perfect copies to be delivered directly to your room.

Adobe Spark

 A very cool resource to help you make more engaging content for your classroom or for your students to make impressive digital assignments

Overview Video

Classroom Specific

Calendar Use

Calendar Use From A Student View

PD Presentation


How To Use Snapchat

This video is a little long but is a great resource to get your bearings

Suggested Conventions for Snapchat at School

Using Snapchat in school is a new concept but can be powerful. Make sure to follow the guidelines below to keep the experience beneficial to all involved:

  • Set your profile to public
    • This allows students to see your content but keep theirs protected
  • Post to your Story
    • This allows for every Snap to make it to everyone who has added you.
  • Don’t add students
    • This keeps their stuff safe from you, make sure you explain this to your students.
  • Keep your account fun
    • Snapchat is informal and lighthearted. Use the lenses, be a little silly, and mix in cool/funny content with your educational/informative posts.
  • Understand that your content can be saved
    • Snapchat content “self-destructs” but can be saved by anyone before that.

Performance Matters

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