School Psychologist

My name is Jason Brooks and I have been the school psychologist at BAHS for the past seven years.  I have eighteen total years of experience in education, five as a teacher and 13 as a school psychologist.  Below I have included some general information regarding the services I can provide to the school community and how I can be accessed.  Go Bobcats!

Information from the School Psychologist

What is a School Psychologist?

A school psychologist is a behavioral specialist who is committed to the application of professional expertise to help parents, teachers, and schools work together for the benefit of the student. School psychology focuses on the psychological and educational development of individuals in the school environment. The school psychologist enhances the educational process by evaluating the abilities and potentialities of students as well as addressing the emotional and social factors that influence learning.

Who makes use of psychological services?

Teachers may notice that a child is not learning as well as expected, is often in trouble, does not get along well with classmates, or appears to be withdrawing. Parents may have concerns about their children’s social, emotional, or educational needs. Students may have academic, personal, or relationship types of concerns which they would like to discuss in confidence.

What types of services are available?

Providing information to school regarding students’ abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and personality functioning is the most frequently used service. The school then utilizes this information to develop appropriate educational programs and strategies.

Consulting focuses on assisting others in dealing more effectively with children in terms of their mental health, behavior, and education.

Intervening directly with teachers, families, parents, or students, the psychologist provides specific services, such as counseling, and recommends techniques or programs which may enhance educational, emotional, social, and vocational development.

Recommending resources in the community is often appropriate when the indicated services exceed those the school can provide. These might include family and/or individual counseling, pediatric/neurological evaluations, diagnostic and advisory evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, protective services, or drug/alcohol counseling

How are services obtained?

Referrals for psychological services originate in the local school Student Services Team meetings which are held on a regular basis. After a review of the case, the team may recommend that one or more specialists be assigned for further evaluation, study, or review. Before a child is seen by the psychologist, signed parent/legal guardian permission is obtained. The psychologist is also available for consultation on classroom, staff, school, and system-wide concerns. School personnel with these types of concerns may directly contact the area psychologist.

When might school psychological services be needed?


  • Failing grade
  • Poor work habits and study skills
  • Difficulty finishing work



  • Aggressive behavior
  • Truancy
  • Frequent discipline problems
  • Withdrawing behavior



  • Parent/Child
  • Child/Child
  • Teacher/Child
  • Parent/Teacher

“The brain is wider than the sky.”

~ Emily Dickinson