(Speech & Debate)


Mrs. Andrews – C315

Mrs. Zorbach – B211


Thursday Evenings

(September through March)

Optional Walkthroughs – (Tuesdays before the Meet)

Club Description

The Forensics Club provides an opportunity for students to debate and discuss modern topics in today’s world. With a welcoming environment, students are encouraged to present children’s literature, political topics, and educational issues in a way that stimulates individuals’ minds and hearts. The club involves county-wide meets where topics will be debated and discussed with students from other schools. Club sponsors provide critiques, feedback, and guidance on picking topics and using presentation skills necessary influence others with the power of your voice. Rhetoric is key! If you have aspirations of one day becoming a teacher, politician, or a business entrepreneur, then the practice you’ll get through speech and debate may be of great interest to you!

For more information please visit: National Speech & Debate Association

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