FedEx Day

What is a FedEx Day?

A FedEx Day is a way for an organization to collaborate and creatively improve their working environment.

What Are You Working On?

A survey of the staff identified 16 issues that affect the well being and/or productivity of the staff.  Use the button below to select the issue you desire to tackle. Spots are limited in each group, please choose quickly and wisely.

What is the Goal?

You will work with your team to create an effective and feasible solution to your chosen issue. You will create a 5 minute presentation outlining your solution and present to a group of your peers.

Please submit your visual aide (i.e PowerPoint) to Michael Burke via email.

Please submit your completed Fed Ex Day Planning document to Becky Will.

What is the Timeline for Today?

The first round of presentations will start in their assigned rooms at 12:30 pm. Each round should last no more than 15 minutes, 5 minutes for each presentation and 5 minutes for voting/travel.

When presentations have concluded, please prioritize which proposal should move on to the next round. Even if your proposal is deemed a lower priority, all staff members are expected to attend all rounds. Always follow your “road” to the final round.