Family and Consumer Sciences

The Family and Consumer Science Department offers 2 Career and Technology Education pathways: Early Childhood Education and Prostart Food and Beverage Management. The successful completion of one of these pathways will earn students an industry certification that will allow for immediate entry into a career following graduation or will provide a solid foundation for advanced study at a post-secondary institution. 

Following a progressive education philosophy throughout all of our courses, students will practice the skills they are learning first hand in our lab-based classrooms.  We have a working preschool program for our Early Childhood students which allows them to observe the children, plan, prepare and teach lessons and, design the classroom environment.  Our professional kitchen provides culinary students with the opportunity to operate and maintain restaurant kitchen equipment while preparing professional-quality meals.

Family and Consumer Science students will acquire hands-on, real-world, career experience well before their peers which will provide a competitive academic and professional advantage following graduation.

Family and Consumer Sciences Courses Offered at Bel Air High School

Intro Food Preparation & Hospitality

Advanced Food Preparation & Hospitality

Food & Hospitality Management

Food & Hospitality Practicum

Independent &  Family Living

Learning About Children

Working with Children I

Working with Children II

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