The Art Department at Bel Air High School believes that Visual Arts education is important in the development of aesthetic judgments, critical thinking, perceptual awareness, and cultural understandings.  Our Art curriculum encourages the use of organizational and conceptual skills through a series of carefully structured and sequenced courses.  Because Art relates strongly to other academic areas, the Visual Arts program contributes to the entire educational experience. 

In the Art Department, courses are designed so that students may take classes as electives or choose a career pathway in Drawing, Painting, or Three-Dimensional Design. Students who wish to earn college credit while developing a portfolio may do so in any of our AP course offerings.  Additional  opportunities for students looking to gain a visual arts can do so as members of Art Club and National Art Honors Society (pending application approval).   

Art Courses Offered at Bel Air High School

*indicates a weighted course 

Fine Art Preparation

Digital Photography

Drawing & Painting

Advanced Drawing

Advanced Painting

Advanced Studio- Drawing

Advanced Studio- Painting

Advanced Studio- 3D Design

AP Studio Art Drawing*

3D Design

In the Art Department

Meet the Art Staff