Dissecting the BAHS Logo

The stars represent the main building iterations of BAHS from 1816, 1950 and 2009.

The shield pays homage to the Town of Bel Air, Maryland and the shield in its town crest.

The chevrons on the shield each represent a century of excellence in education.


The purpose of Bel Air High School is to educate and empower students to experience personal success and positively impact their community.


We will develop, support, and foster:

  • an environment that encourages resilience, confidence, and adaptability.
  • a community of collaborative learners through inquiry based learning.
  • relationships based on mutual respect, open-mindedness, and compassion.
  • students’ interests and aptitudes in school and the community.
  • opportunities to strengthen self-discipline and responsibility in present and future endeavors.

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Icons made by Dave Gandy from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
Icons made by Google from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY