Hello All,

These days students and teachers are more likely to have their phones readily available than their physical planners. We wanted to provide a resource so everyone could better utilize the calendar function of their personal technology.

Below you will find links to the Microsoft Excel file and Google Sheet that you can personalize and then import to your calendar program of choice.

Microsoft Excel (you will need to download this file to a computer to edit)

Google Sheet (you will need to sign in to your Google Account and then Make a Copy)

With the appropriate file in hand you can follow the directions in the YouTube video (even though it has last year’s date in the title) below to edit your file as needed:

Make sure you follow the directions from the video about saving the file as a .CSV and make sure you close the file or the next part will fail at the end.

Also, make sure you are happy with the file when you are done. There is no undo on this process when you finish.


First, make sure you have the full version of Microsoft Outlook set up on your computer, you can find directions for that here.

Second, make sure you have your CSV file from above, easily accessible.

Next, open Outlook and click on File.

Step 1- Click File

Then, on Open & Export.

Step 2- Click on Open & Export

Step 2B- Click on Import/Export

Next, click on “Import from another program or file” then click next.

Step 3- Import From Another Program or File

Next, click on “Comma Separated Values” and then click next

Step 4- Import From CSV


Next, you need to browse to the CSV file that you created earlier.

Step 5- Browse to Find File

Next, you need to navigate to the actual file.

Step 6- Find File

Next, you need to confirm this file by clicking next.

Step 7- Click Next

Next, you need to pick the destination for this information which is your calendar.

Step 8- Scroll to Calendar

Lastly, click on finish and sit back and watch the calendar populate!

Step 9- Finish

Google Calendar

If you are doing this on your Google Calendar, you need the personalized CSV file and then follow the directions you can find here.